Cherry Bon Bons Pimple Patch

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Pimples, who? We don’t know her.

It’s time to pop those cherries! 🍒

Our Cherry Bon Bons Pimple Patches act as a protective shield from outside bacteria, flatten pimples by absorbing impurities, and promote faster healing— without the harmful ingredients.  Clear skin has never been sweeter! Did we mention how it's almost invisibe?

Gentle and safe for all skin types!

 Comes in 3 sizes! Non-drying 
 Cruelty-free  Travel-friendly
 Drug-free  Non-toxic

Contents:  48 hydrocolloid pimple patches
  •  16 patches x 12mm
  •  16 patches x 10mm
  •  16 patches X 8mm

How it works:

These translucent patches are made out of hydrocolloid— a moisture-absorbing dressing made with gelling agents that speeds the healing process of your pimples by drawing out the toxins and excess fluids trapped under the skin.  Not all pimples are the same size. That’s why these patches come in 3 different sizes.  The small round shape is intended to target the chosen pimple and protect the area from external bacteria, sunlight, and face picking (def a no no!).  Hydrocolloid is naturally waterproof and it’s thin enough to adhere to the skin the whole day— it won’t even feel like it’s there!

What it doesn’t do:

  • Irritate the skin
  • Leave a dark blemish/scar
  • Come off during the day/night

How to use: 

  1. SPOT that zit and make sure it’s ready to pop!
  2. STICK our pimple patch on it! Make sure to cleanse your face first.  Leave on overnight or throughout the day.
  3. REMOVE patch the next morning or when it turns white.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Antonina Barankevich
Amazing service!

I am so impressed with Seventh Rebel! The shipping was extra fast and I got updates all along. I love the patches! They come in different sizes and are very soft. The packaging is beautifully designed and includes a lovely fabric bag. I even got a bonus Spotify playlist in the email. What a thoughtful service! Thank you for the great experience!

Works great!

I was gifted these patches with no obligation to leave a review but i decided to anyway since I absolutely love these! I like the smallest size the best because its perfect for my tiny breakouts on my chin that are spaced out. Highly recommend!

So cute and these patches do really work!

my mom bought these patches for me last week cause im having really bad breakouts right now. I tried them on last night and i thought this was just some fad but these absolutely work. Its kinda gross but its so satisfying when you peel them and you can see the part that it absorbed my pimple. The packaging is so freaking cute that i thought theyd have makeup stuff too but i think its just the sponge. Honestly 10 out of 10, i recommend buying them

Gina Lee

Bought these at 626 on a whim because why not, the packagings super cute! Roll around my period and my hormonal acne combined with my tret purge comes my pimple enraged face. My chin and forehead had these tiny whiteheads that were so annoying and i couldnt avoid but to pick at them which was a bad idea bc i now have brown spots on my face!!!! BUT i remembered i bought these!!! (i usually use the ones from target but i really dont like the packaging) I was skeptical but OMG these works and its soooo much better than the ones from target bc it comes in multiple sizes and the packaging is cute in my shelf. Love these, would buy again and i love supporting small businesses. Keep at it guys!! love these! wish you come out with like the starface ones or something fun!!

Jialin H.
Fun Patches!

These pimple patches come in 3 sizes and are travel-friendly. Most importantly, they are cruelty-free, drug-free, non-drying, and non-toxic. I like wearing these pimple patches because they are not only effective but nearly invisible!