The Picnic Set

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The gang's all here. 

All of the essentials into one cute limited-edition "picnic" box set!  This set comes in a convenient drawstring bag that will hold everything you see here + your go-to faves! Let's be honest, who can resist that embroidered cherry?!

Each picnic set includes:

Cherry Bon Bon Pimple Patch:

Pimples, who? We don’t know her.

It’s time to pop those cherries! 🍒

Our Cherry Bon Bons Pimple Patches act as a protective shield from outside bacteria, flatten pimples by absorbing impurities, and promote faster healing— without the harmful ingredients.  Clear skin has never been sweeter! Did we mention how it's almost invisibe?

Gentle and safe for all skin types!

 Comes in 3 sizes!  Non-drying 
 Cruelty-free  Travel-friendly
 Drug-free  Non-toxic

Contents:  48 hydrocolloid pimple patches

  •  16 patches x 12mm
  •  16 patches x 10mm
  •  16 patches X 8mm

These translucent patches are made out of hydrocolloid— a moisture-absorbing dressing made with gelling agents that speeds the healing process of your pimples by drawing out the toxins and excess fluids trapped under the skin.  Not all pimples are the same size. That’s why these patches come in 3 different sizes.  The small round shape is intended to target the chosen pimple and protect the area from external bacteria, sunlight, and face picking (def a no no!).  Hydrocolloid is naturally waterproof and it’s thin enough to adhere to the skin the whole day— it won’t even feel like it’s there!

Peach Milk Beauty Sponge:

Sun's out, peaches out!

Contents:  One (1) beauty sponge

This super airy sponge flawlessly blends, evens, and smooths makeup onto your skin creating a peachy, fresh-faced glow!  Its soft, bouncy texture allows for a gentle application that won’t feel heavy on the skin.

  • Works on liquid and powder foundation, blush, bronzer, concealer, or any cream product.
  • Designed to absorb water, not your makeup.
  • It’s the best all around *peach emoji* super sponge!

This sponge is specially formulated with a mixed blend of hydrophilic (it loves water!) material.  Due to its water-loving nature, it absorbs the water allowing it to grow twice in size, and creates a softer, bouncier sponge.  This allows for less makeup absorption, which means less product usage.

  • Doubles in size
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Latex-free


It's the picnic vibes for us.

The only hair accessory you'll need whether you're doing your skincare routine, binge watching your favorite show on the couch, or going out to brunch with the girls!  The added lace detail adds an extra cute flair to your ponytail or bun!

  • Classic red and white gingham pattern
  • Dainty white lace trim
  • Tight, elastic band
Care:  Hand wash only. Line dry.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Chang
No regrets!

So i found this brand at 626 last summer
and coincidentally ran out of pimple patches (im not acne prone but i get pimples when i try new products). TBH, this works like other pimple patches (it works and it is definitely thinner so perfect for going out!) but the main reason i got this is because of the packaging! It looks so cute on my skincare shelf! Love the scrunchy and the stickers that come with this. One of the most thoughtful brands out there for sure. So excited to see what they come out with

Pia Herman

So, I got this as a gift from my sister cause she saw it on instagram and its so freaking cute!!!! I thought the products would suck BUT OMG THE SPONGE IS SO SOFT AND AMAZING! I wish i could’ve kept the box :( I havent used the pimple patches but my sister has tried and she said they work great but the packaging!!! And like the stickers and scrunchy was just like so cute too oh and the pouch!