About Us


We always say that we're all about being fun and functional— but what does that really mean?


We're a team of two Southeast Asian women who come from immigrant backgrounds— both of us are first generation immigrants that came from the Philippines and Vietnam during our teen years.


Growing up, we were exposed to our Filipino and Vietnamese cultures, as well as the American side. We grew up watching dubbed animes, old school K-dramas, Lizzie McGuire, and Sailormoon.  Being exposed to all of this— we realized how fun it was to just experience and embrace our cultures, and we wanted to share that with you through Seventh Rebel.  These experiences were just so memorable and enjoyable that we still remember them dearly to this day.


That's why we describe ourselves as an experience-based beauty brand.


We don't want to make things complicated— we just want it to be fun!  Our mission is to make sure that what we put out there truly functions, is easy, and fun to use. 


Hence— fun and functional!


We encourage you to enjoy the little things because we believe it's the little things in life that make us happy. We're forward thinkers, packaging lovers, and product perfectionists.  We love experimenting with new products and enjoying the experiences along the way. As with that— we ask that you give us grace and allow us to grow. There are many things that we still need to do right and we will make mistakes so we kindly ask to watch over us with kindness and patience.


There is no scarcity of choice out there— you've got a million options!


What we want is for you to choose what's best for you and that's okay but if you wanna have fun and enjoy then we're right up your alley! We love seeing you enjoy what we offer—it's what makes this so much fun.


Most importantly— we love bringing joy to you!


We hope that we can be a part of your everyday beauty routine, feel cute, and make it a little bit more fun.


Enjoy the little things :・゚✨